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Note: A lot of this stuff is outdated, but I keep it here for historical purposes. :)


Good-bye To Jaycie??

The following was posted by Jaycie's Dad at the Jaycie's Fans & Friends forum:

Attention members of Jaycie-model .com : , Due to several issues that cannot seem to be resolved I have decided to end Jaycies and my association with CWM ,I am reccomending that you DO NOT renew your memberships at this time . I am in the process of determining what will serve all of Jaycies member/sponsors wishes and I will be posting several polls on the subject soon that I hope you all will respond to. Your feed back will assist me in this decision .
Options will include ,but will not be limited to , A buyout of the present site ,opening a new site , expanding Jaycie .tv or ?
This has been a difficult decision and I apologize for any incoveinance this has or may cause you , hence the forewarning , I will not elaborate on the reasonS for this decision at this time but assure you that it is in the best intrest of Jaycie and her fans ,JD

Credit: Jaycie Friends & Fans Forum

This is some sad news, but not surprising, as the CWM group of websites have had some recurring server issues over the last several months, among other things. However, even though Jaycie's Dad recommends that members of do NOT renew, I personally suggest that you may want to join if you already haven't... there are plenty of galleries to take advantage of and try to grab before the site stops updating! Jaycie does have a second website, but the webmaster does not want it mentioned here, so unless she's able to get another website going, it looks like my promotion of Jaycie will be limited.




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Here We Go Again... (Part Three): My Thoughts on Sherri & Marie "Refunds"

As a follow-up to the last bit of info I posted regarding "refunds" (and I use that term loosely) for Sherri & Marie memberships that were lost in the mess left behind by Michael Grimes, I just wanted to give some tips to folks out there trying to decide which is the best option to choose.

Option 1 - Transferring your subscription to the upcoming Sherri and/or Marie site at

There's no time table set for this website, and a lot can happen between now and the opening. We don't know how much the membership(s) will cost, or when they'll be made available. We also don't know how many sets there will be, either. Remember, Sherri & Marie's former site had about 24 sets PER MODEL, plus gift sample mini-sets, and the At Home series. I would not expect a brand-new website to open with this much content. Therefore, you're taking a risk if you accept this offer before the site has even been built. Heck, I'm not even sure photos have been shot yet. Anyway, keep watching for more info on the sisters' upcoming site.

Option 2 - Transferring your subscription to the upcoming Marie site at [LINK REMOVED]:

According to ModelMom, this site will be run by Michael Grimes using the excess photos he shot of Marie that were intended for the now-closed site. Remember, Grimes is the guy who just drops memberships without notice, and lets others clean up his messes. Also, keep in mind that this site is not available as of this writing, so we don't know how many photos will be available, or how much the memberships will cost. Plus (and this is very important), Grimes says he no longer wants to use models that are under 18... but Marie shot these photos when she was 17, so it's just as likely that he could wake up one day and shut the site down unexpectedly.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

3 - Accepting a DVD in exchange for your subscription:

This is a good option if you don't already own the DVDs (unfortunately, I already do). I never really got into very many DVD reviews here, but they're okay. They're pretty much shot on a tripod, mostly footage of the photoshoots, with some candid scenes. It should be noted that the "Sherri Thongs" DVD is not being offered as a choice... this has been confirmed by ModelMom. If you do choose this option to replace your membership, my advice is to make sure you choose one of the $50 DVDs, rather than the $25 DVDs. After all, we're talking about a $35 membership here, and you want to get your money's worth. I think you can find more information about the DVDs in the Store section at the ModelMom's Girls Forum.

Option 4 - Transferring your subscription to

I will definitely admit this is a generous offer by webmaster Jimmy Stephans. While I'm not a huge fan of his photography, I will say that it's a nice gesture to bail out his pal Grimes like this. And while Marie does appears at, in twelve different 25-photo galleries, I just want to point out that a 30-day membership costs $29.95, which is five dollars less than the membership. Now, you might be asking "Come on, Amy... what's five dollars??" That's a good question. The next time there's a website you want to join, see if the webmaster is willing to give you a five dollar discount. Funny how it's "only" five dollars when it's your five dollars someone else wants. ;)

So there are my thoughts on this subject. As I said, since Grimes is clearly in breach of his agreement, I think a chargeback is definitely one of the options... although, it's not surprising that they wouldn't suggest this. You see, I've helped with my share of websites in the past, and I know that if you get enough chargebacks filed against you, the credit card processor starts an investigation. And that's not good news for the webmaster, considering there are other sites he has that need billing. I'm not sure what I will personally do, but I just wanted to make sure everyone else had the facts laid out before they decide. Good luck, everyone!



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Here We Go Again... (Part Two): Sherri & Marie "Refunds"

The following was posted at the ModelMom's Girls Forum, by someone using ModelMom's account, but signing it as "Michael":

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding while we reorganize. Any members with time left on their subscriptions have a range of options

1 - Sherri and Marie will have a new site on You may transfer your membership here. Please be patient while Model Mom builds these new sites.

2 - Marie will have a new site on [LINK REMOVED]. You may have your membership transfered here.

3 - You may have a free DVD in exchange for the remaining membership.

4 - Jimmy at TTB has graciously offered free memberships to his sites. Please contact him for details

We will do whatever it takes to make everyone happy. Thank you all for your support in these difficult times!


ModelMom's Girls Forum

Now, I don't know about you, but the first thought that popped into my head was, "How on Earth would anyone trust the [LINK REMOVED] site??" Of course, [LINK REMOVED] is run by Michael Grimes, the former Sherri & Marie webmaster. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one who thought this, as a very smart individual asked that same question in the forum. ModelMom replied with the following post:

Mr.grimes is going to make a site with the contents of our last shoot for Marie.Marie and Mr Grimes wanted to offer it to the fans as a 'refund'.I think there is enough content for 3 months ,but I'm not sure.She won't be updating after that content is used.She will have a site on SGG but it will take me awhile to shoot all new content and build the site.Michael's will propbably be up before mine.

ModelMom's Girls Forum

So there you have it. I don't think these options are actual "refunds" in the true sense of the word, but more along the lines of reimbursements, or even settlements. An actual refund option doesn't seem to be offered (although, I believe there might be ways to go about filing a chargeback with your respective credit card companies... you'd have to check your statement for details on that). So the question that remains is: Is this acceptable? I can't say for sure. I don't know how someone who does business like this can be successful. I certainly will never join any model at the [LINK REMOVED] site now. Anyway, for further information, I would suggest you check out the ModelMom's Girls Forum. It's a pretty decent forum, from what I can see. There don't seem to be too many politics keeping people from posting, and other than an occassional "pissing match" about who's a bigger fan, everyone seems pretty darn friendly there. So I would suggest you check it out if you're trying to get the latest info about the sisters. I sure hope no one out there is relying on MY site for the latest... I'm always the last to know!




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Here We Go Again...

You know, some people accuse me of being paranoid, and jumping to conclusions, but sometimes I'm right. I just KNEW something weird was up. As a follow-up to the last bit of info I posted regarding the changes Sherri & Marie's website, I just received an e-mail from a very cool visitor to my page informing me that the Sherri & Marie site has CLOSED. He relayed me the following information, courtesy of the FOWM Forum and the BC2 Message Board:

The following is an official statement regarding the future of the models Marie and Sherri.

Michael Grimes, the webmaster of and [LINK REMOVED], has decided to only work with models that are at least 18 years of age. Unfortunately, since she is only 15, he will no longer be working with Sherri. His decision means that will cease to be the home of Sherri and Marie, as the website is to be discontinued.

Sherri will have a new home on, the site operated by her mother, ModelMom. Marie may also be placed on Southern Glamour Girls, although she may have a site run on Mr. Grimes' [LINK REMOVED], as well.

These events happened very suddenly. Mr. Grimes expresses his apologies for the inconvenience this has caused any current members of the
ModelMom and girls want everyone to know that this is not the end, Sherri and Marie will be returning as soon as possible. They ask for everyone's patience while new sites are set up.

So, while I respect Mr. Grimes' decision not to continue working with under-18 models, I do find the business practice of just taking people's money and getting outta there a little... questionable. I don't know, maybe he has a plan to refund memberships, but I DO know that current members of the site haven't received any notification about the change. Unless this is part of the "learning how to be a webmaster" thing? I don't know... I do hope that members who paid $35 are taken care of. More information about this news can be found at





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Happy Birthday, Marie!

I know Marie doesn't read this page, but maybe she'll feel the vibes from her fans, so I'm going to wish her a very HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! And of course, congratulations to ModelMom... she's the one that actually GAVE BIRTH to Marie 18 years ago, so kudos to her. :) However, with this wonderful news comes a very cryptic message from the Sherri & Marie webmaster:

Oct 25th • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE! She is 18 today!

Since Model mom and I are law abiding citizens and want to stay completely legal in everything we do, we have decided to feature Sherri in more modest attire until she turns 18. This will help to ensure that we stay in business, Sherri gets to continue modeling and you, our fans, get to enjoy for many years to come! Thanks everyone for your loyal support! (Some galleries may appear empty for the next few days.)

Credit: Update Page

Now, can someone explain to me what that means? Seriously, is Mr. Grimes telling us that the pictures he's shot of Sherri so far have NOT been legal?? Believe me, I'm ALL for Sherri putting on some clothes... her older photos were way better, in my opinion. I'm just trying to make sense of what's going on. It seems Marie's ability to buy cigarettes and vote in the next presidental election has affected Sherri in some way... just like Marie's decision to model at True Teen Babes affected Hope. But why NOW? Why not have Sherri pose in modest attire 10 months ago? If it's not legal now, then it probably wasn't legal back then, either!

Birthday Girl Marie

Hope & Sherri

People have asked me MANY times if I think Marie would do nudity once she turns 18. At this point, I would say no... at least not for the current website. I'm certain it's illegal to feature a clothed under-18 model on the same site as a nude or topless 18-year-old... at least in the U.S. Now, if they moved Sherri over to Hope's website, and had Marie going solo, THEN I would think the possiblity of nudity is strong. However, another consideration is the fact that Mr. Grimes shoots several sets in advance, and technically, Marie isn't allowed to pose nude until she turns 18 (which is, as of this writing, today). So they'd have to rush some pics, and I don't really see Marie driving down to Florida to get naked, when she has school and a personal life to deal with. So my opinion is that we won't see a change in Marie's clothing style... she'll probably just keep doing lingerie and bikinis while she's at the current site.

I AM curious about what this means for Sherri, though. As I said, Mr. Grimes shoots several sets in advance, and as we've seen from the DVDs, Sherri is in skimpy outfits most (if not all) of the time. Are those sets now going to be trashed? I would be happy to see Sherri actually modeling, instead of just showing off her body, and she'd definitely become one of my favorites again, receiving my full support (for whatever that's worth). Anyway, there's my commentary. LOL Make sure you visit their site to see what I'm talking about, okay?




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Nicky & Jaycie

Jaycie Friends & Fans Forum

There's a new (well, kinda new) forum for fans of my current favorite model, Jaycie, and her friends Nicky and Noelle. Jaycie is, of course, my #1 favorite model (as of today) and Nicky is my #5 favorite. You can chat with both girls at the Jaycie Friends & Fans Forum now! The site is run by Jaycie's dad and Nicky and Noelle's mom, and you can find some great exclusives, outtakes, and samples of these lovely ladies.

The forum doesn't seem to have any banners or buttons yet, but you can click the link up above to enter. If you're like me and are tired of all those sites out there that rely on nothing but T&A, and you wanna see REAL girls with REAL personalities that use REAL beauty to their advantage, then check out Jaycie and Nicky at the forum. 

I'll even try to post there myself, so stop by and say hi... if my 7 readers join the forum, then maybe I can convince Jaycie's dad to sell me an autographed photo of his daughter! I know you folks won't let me down! ;)




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Hope To Return In November!

The third time's a charm for Hope, as ModelMom has announced that the youngest member of her modeling clan will return sometime in November at the Southern Glamour Girls website. ModelMom posted this message at the Sherri & Marie Members' Forum last week:

Hope has decided to return to modeling.She will be featured on the SGG site.We hope to have her site up by Thanksgiving.


Credit: Sherri & Marie Members Forum

This is good news for those of us who were OUTRAGED over Hope's dismissal from her last website back in July. I'm also relieved that she's not taking an extended time away from modeling. Old-school fans remember how popular models like the original Lil Amber and Jessi The Kid returned after a long break, and they just didn't look like the girls we remembered. Expect Hope to appear in my Top 5, as she's been known to produce more varied and interesting sets than her older sisters.





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Farewell, Teens On TV

It's been a nice ride for the ladies known as the Teens On TV, but all good things must come to an end, as the website has now closed and everyone involved has moved on. It was a great site that I am proud to say I was associated with, but personnel changes and communication issues made 2007 a rough time for the teen army. The girls, the photographer, and the webmaster should be proud of what they accomplished, and I know the ladies will have fond memories of their time modeling. So, to Brittany, Gabby, Carissa, and Kristine (shown above), as well as Anna, Alex, Cassidy, and the others who appeared at the Teens On TV site... thank you all! We will miss your unique style and extraordinary personalities.



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Cassie's First Extended Set Now Available!

It seems lately that modeling sites are offering a lot of extras all at once, which is good for the business, but bad for my purse! One of those extras is from ADI Studios, who just released Cassie's first Extended Set last week. The set, titled "Cassie In Blue", features 162 hi-rez photos plus a 9-minute movie clip, all packaged together in one zip file available for immediate download. Cassie is wearing a blue flower dress and blue boyshorts (shown left). A preview was given to ADI Studios members a couple of months ago, adding to the anticipation of this fantastic series of photos!

I'm not able to purchase the set for reviewing right now, but I did ask Cassie her thoughts on it, and she told me, "I really love the lighting in it. It's one of my favorite sets, there are alot of different poses in it that are common and some that aren't but I like them." So there you have it... you're not going to get a better endorsement than that! Check out the store section at ADI Studios for more information on how to purchase this set, and if you do, let me know what you think of it!



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Archived Webe Web Photos!

It's been brought to my attention by one of my seven faithful readers that some "new" sites featuring former Webe Web models have popped up! I use the word "new" loosely because, while the sites are new, the pictures they're offering don't appear to be. Archived photos of Amelia (now known as Karisha), Bunny, Danika, and Gigi are now available, and this comes as good news to those of us blindsided by their closings last November.

It looks like there are quite a few pics in each archive, so if anyone joins and wants to give me their review, I'd love to hear it!



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New DVD Releases from Sherri & Marie

Sherri & Marie have just released brand-new DVDs in their store section, including "thong" themed DVDs from each sister. This falls in line with what they're doing over there... lots more T&A, and less emphasis on what made the girls so popular in the first place. These new DVDs are priced a little higher than their previous offerings, and unless I wake up and find Paypal scewed up and added money to my account accidentally, I don't expect to be reviewing these here. Sorry about that. I can only give you my initial thoughts on them. I think releasing four DVDs at $50 each is a little excessive, but hey, this is a business and more power to 'em. I only hope that, at the price they're asking, they've improved the quality from the past DVDs that they've sold at the site.

Speaking of which, it was also pointed out to me that the membership rate for the Sherri & Marie website has gone up to $34.95 a month, an increase of five dollars. Now, again, I understand this is a business, but I gotta be quite honest with you, folks... I don't see any improvements made to the site that even JUSTIFY a price increase. The zip files are still disabled, and even though I'm sure they won't be back, they haven't even bothered to change the layout to remove the zip links. The sets average 50 photos each, which is far less than what we saw at the Webe Web sites, and of course, the sisters seem to release the same types of sets each week (indoor sets in front of a colored sheet). Where's the justification for increasing the price? Oh, and keep in mind, the site is brought to you by folks "still learning how to be webmasters". Apparently, that education is coming at the members' expense.

Sherri & Marie



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The Last Update at


Jaycie's first website is currently down due to the proverbial server problems that seem to infrequently plague the CWM family of websites (another NC Cuties favorite, Kimberly, is also down). But just before the server crashed, I logged in to grab Jaycie's latest set and I was greeted with a disturbing pop-up window informing me that the 8/24 gallery would be the last update for the time being. Of course, that gallery has now been delayed. It should be noted that Jaycie does have another website, run by a different webmaster (I've been asked by that webmaster not to mention any of his sites here, so I can't link it... sorry!).

Now, I was contacted by none other than Jaycie's Dad, who assured me that Jaycie DOES plan to continue the CWM website... provided that they get the server back up, that is. ;) But even he isn't sure of what's going on. Apparently there's some bad communication over at the CWM headquarters, and that's never good for any website. I believe these server problems should be resolved in a more timely manner, but they're not. Meanwhile, my membership is running out, and I don't expect to be credited for the current downtime (just like I wasn't the last time CWM had server problems). Patience is a virtue, but business is business, and this is just bad business for all involved.

Update: 8/28/07 - Jaycie and Kimmy's respective sites have finally returned, and the new updates are now available. However, the pop-up window at Jaycie's site is still coming up (shown right), telling us that the current gallery will be the last one for a little while. Jaycie's dad told me via e-mail that he's given the CWM folks the new pictures, and he acknowledges that it's possible they were lost on the old server, but he's willing to upload them again, if necessary. I'm REALLY hoping that CWM continues to keep Jaycie going. I've been nervous about a fall-out ever since her second site opened up. Hopefully by the time you read this, the matter will be resolved and Jaycie will be back to regular weekly updates again.




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Diane Returns To Weekly Updates

In a move that you don't see too often from modeling sites, Diane has returned to after a breif hiatus that lasted just a few months. I have to say I'm very surprised to see her back, as models don't often make good on their promises to return. How long Diane will be back remains to be seen, but for now, you can enjoy her brand new galleries at her site and see this experienced veteran that has a charm like no other model around. Diane also features an archive of her older photos so that you can watch her transformation over the years. NC Cuties' talent scout Becca lists Diane as one of her all-time favorites, and to me, that's high praise. Check out Diane today if you're looking for some sophistcation and class that you don't always find in a lot of sites these days.




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Seven Visitors Strong!

Hey, my website is back up again! Did you miss me? LOL Well, please allow me to try and get some things off my chest here, and maybe some sense will be made out of all this. It would seem that some people out there tend to take what I say a little too seriously. I would like to stress that this is not an official news site. This is just me, spewing out whatever modeling info I want. And yes, I am highly opinionated. But I have no agenda. There's one photographer out there who insists that I'm a "recruiter" for certain sites. He's very mistaken. I don't care what sites anyone joins. I can only tell you what *I* join, and how I feel about each one. I would like my favorite models to do well, so that they continue and not get their sites yanked due to poor sales, but honestly, you guys make your own decisions on who you join, and I have no say in the matter. And that's perfectly fine with me.

I had a situation with a certain webmaster who took issue with something that I posted here at this site. He claimed that he had gotten seven e-mails regarding a matter that I had addressed. Yes, seven e-mails. Now, I don't know what's funnier... the fact that this webmaster thinks seven e-mails is a lot to deal with, or the fact that seven people actually visit this site!! LOL Well, to you seven people out there that are reading this: Thank you. Thank you for having the guts to speak up and say something. I would like to encourage that some more. If you have an issue with a webmaster, good or bad, let your voice be heard! A lot of webmasters think that they can do no wrong. You're joining these sites, and you have a right to disagree with policies, decisions, directions... ANYTHING! I'm critical of the Sherri and Marie site, for example. Some people tell me, "Well if you don't like it, Amy, then just don't join." But the problem is, that's not much of a protest. If fans don't like the way a website is run, and they cancel their memberships, do you know what happens? The webmaster blames the MODEL for having poor sales! See? That's what we're up against here, folks, so we need to let them know when we don't like something. And by the same token, we should let them know when we DO like something, so they can keep doing it! I built this site as a tribute to the hard-working models, webmasters, and photographers out there.

Now, I realize the webmaster of Sherri and Marie's site probably doesn't even know about this place, and the people I defend (like Hope and ModelMom) would never visit this site, but I do know there are people out there that report on what I say (hi, myhd!). Please keep in mind that this is all my OPINION. This isn't news, and while I try to base my opinion on fact, it doesn't always come out sweet and sugary.

This site was built for fun, but it's turned into such a chore lately with all the political battles. It would be so much easier for me to just sell the domain, make a few bucks, and not look back. However, to those seven of you out there that care about this page, the only reason I've returned is because I promised
Maddie that I would review her site. I also promised her photographer and her mom, but because I promised her personally, I need to keep my word. So, next on my agenda is Maddie's review. After that? I don't know. But we'll cross that road when we get to it. Thanks VERY much for reading!

Your friend,
Amy :)




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More Former Webe Web Models Return

In the last month or two, some old friends and familiar faces have returned to the modeling scene, and I'm doing my best to keep track of all the comings and goings. Here's what friends have told me so far...

First off, as I'm sure everyone knows by now, Hope's post-Webe Web site has been closed. A lot has been said on the matter, and there's nothing more I can add. She just celebrated her birthday this past July, and I'm sure we'll be seeing her again soon enough.

Beauty Bunch alumni Blondie (shown left) and Mercedes are back. You may recognize them from the Sherri and Marie store section, but it looks like these girls now have their own domain to call home at If anyone joins, let me know what it's like in there.

A large group of former Webe Web models can be found over at [LINK REMOVED], including Allison, Dawn, Lalana (shown right), Melanie, Sissy, and the first Marie (not to be confused with Marie of However, I think some of these models are not currently working, and what you'll see at this site are archived photos. It looks like some were never published, but I don't know if anything was shot recently. Each model has an individual membership, so it doesn't look like my broke butt will be joining any of them any time soon to find out for sure. But, as always, if anyone out there is a member and wants to give me any info to pass along to the rest of us, that'd be fantastic. It's hard to join sites that don't provide any previews, samples, or information.

And finally, NC Cuties' talent scout Becca reports that Cloey (shown left) and the younger Cute Cousin have returned at As of this writing, it doesn't look like they're open yet, but they're waiting for billing. I hope they're also making up a cool name for the younger Cute Cousin, because "younger Cute Cousin" doesn't really work anymore.

So that's all I've got for you this time around. If you know of any openings (or closings) that you think I should pass along to other modeling fans, e-mail me and let me know! Thanks!


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Brittany back at Teens On TV?

Some of you may know that I used to run the Teens On TV Yahoo Group (which I have a link to on the front page of this website), and I think I'm still a moderator of their section at the FOWM Forum. But I haven't really associated myself with the Teen Army in several months now. Since the start of 2007, there's been a revolving door at the site... which is understandable considering the unpredictablity of teenagers! One of the models that left Teens On TV this year was Brittany, who had the most galleries out of all the girls. She wanted a well-deserved solo site, and was given one at (I actually had the pleasure of making a few of her galleries!). But after 10 sets, the updates stopped, and we never heard from Brittany again.

A couple of weeks ago, Brittany made an appearance at the Teens On TV website, with Carissa of all people! What happened? Is she back for good? What about her solo site? Well, folks, your guesses are as good as mine, and quite frankly, that's the reason why I don't feel I'm capable of running their fan club OR moderating them at the FOWM Forum. But it IS good to see Brittany back home, and I urge you to check them out, because they really are a cool bunch of chicks. :)

Brittany & Carissa


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Marie at True Teen Babes

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

A lot of us have gotten some spam emails regarding the True Teen Babes site featuring "Marie Marino", so it seems a little silly for me to post info that everyone already knows about. However, I AM still a Marie fan (despite my problems with her current site), and her work deserves to have a shout-out. I'm not a big fan of True Teen Babes, as I find the glamor-style photography too objectifying with no model personality showing through. This style of photography can be found in many men's magazines - of course, if I wanted that, I'd just go out and buy a magazine for five bucks. ;)

Marie is the True Teen Babes Model Of The Month for July, and her first two galleries are available this week, with two more coming every Tuesday this month. Other models featured this week include: Ashley Nicole, Jessica, Kayla, and Rebecca. You'll also find some behind-the-scenes pics, as well as a video clip gallery. Memberships start at $29.95 for 30 days, and the site features a number of beautiful (but heavily Photoshopped) ladies.




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The Good Guys Take A Hit


In what I consider an act of TERRORISM, a group of modeling sites has been removed, including former Webe Web stars Anna, Juliet, and Fiona. They're gone, just disappeared, and there's no telling if they'll be back. This is a war on modeling sites, and those against them will go to any lengths to make these hard-working girls unemployed. They'll lie, threaten, and corrupt the law in order to get their way.

I'll post more info as I get it, but for now, looks like the cute-girl sites are gone. They will definitely be missed.


Update: 6/19/07 - It seems Karisha's site has been taken down as well. Our favorite models are under attack here, people... this is no exaggeration. We just got these former Webe Webbers back, and now they're being taken away from us again. These ladies DO work hard, and they deserve to have their moment. With all the crap out there on the internet, why THESE girls are under fire makes no sense. Support your favorite models while you can... you never know when they'll just disappear one day. :(

Update: 6/21/07 - Karisha is back up, thank goodness. Still no Cute Girls, though. They've been taken down for good. Another casualty in this horrible war on online modeling.



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Same Girls, Different Sheet

Classic Sherri & Marie

After much headache for both the webmaster and the members, the first Sherri and Marie Archive has finally opened. Now, for $29.95, you can see younger photos of Sherri and Marie (back when Sherri had brown hair, brown eyes, and braces!), photographed in a similar style as they use today, with a multi-colored sheet behind them in a hotel room. Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Meanwhile, at their current site, zip files are still disabled, meaning that members are paying $30 to get photos that are around 468x700 in resolution. It is for the obvious lack of service at their site that I've decided that I'll be gradually be featuing Sherri and Marie less here. I love the sisters, and they're among my favorites, but I can't continue to promote a site that doesn't want to improve. After all, do you see a links page at their site? Do you see any samples? If anyone out there is a member, e-mail me once in a while and let me know how things are going with Sherri and Marie. Right now, though, they're not doing anything that shows me they care, so I wish them the best of luck, because I believe they'll need it at the rate they're going..



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Limited Time Offer From Kimmy!


Kimberly's website is offering a very special deal... $15.95 recurring memberships! Yes, $15.95 for the first month, and every month after that for as long as you stay a member! But you have to hurry... this offer expires May 31! After that, the memberships go up to $24.95 the first month and $19.95 every month after that.

You can also take advantage of CWM's ALL-ACCESS PASS... all 17 sites (including Kimmy's) for $100. Anyone looking to send me a birthday gift? ;) But if you're on a budget like me, take advantage of Kimberly's $15.95 a month offer. She's a great model, and a very hard worker... let's show her some support!

Update (5/31/07): Kimmy's site has temporarily gone down due to server issues. That poor girl can't catch a break, can she? The difference between Kimmy's server problems and Sherri and Marie's server problems is that Kimmy wasn't trying to add archives for ten bucks to her site. I would like to think that all of YOU folks out there overloaded the server after seeing Kimmy appear here. (Okay, that's a bit hard to believe, but it'd sure be cool!) Her photographer assures me that everything should be back to normal soon, and I'm anticipating the updates to appear as scheduled.



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An Original NC Cutie

People have asked me, "Amy, why NC Cuties??" Well, some of you may remember an older modeling group called the Beautiful Everyday Girls, or BEGirls. I wormed my way into their organization and did some behind-the-scenes stuff, such as account maintenance, service e-mails, gallery making, and eventually I ran a couple of their sites. I bought this domain as a tribute to those girls, who were from North Carolina. Most of them have moved on and gotten out of this business, but a couple remain. One of those ladies is Amanda (shown right), who was arguably the most popular of the BEGirls. Her solo site closed a couple of years ago, and she was considered just another footnote in the long history of web modeling.

Amanda then (2002)

Amanda now (2007)

Well, Amanda is slowly making her way back into the web modeling business. She doesn't have a members' site, but she offers a variety of brand-new zip sets available for immediate download. Although Amanda is older now, her photos not raunchy at all... she's one of the few models able to keep her clothes on after turning 18. You can also find an assortment of Archive CDs, as well as information on how you can purchase your very own custom photo set, which she shoots a few times a year. She's got a new photographer now, but her classic style still remains. For more information, check out her free Yahoo Fan Club, or you can visit her site directly using the banner below.

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Kimmy and Satine are back!

Former Webe Web model Kimmy is back... for her third try at web modeling! That's right, you can't keep a good model down, and Kimmy (now going by Kimberly) has a brand new website brought to you from the same folks who bring you Jaycie! Those folks put together some good websites, and here's hoping their business relationship with Kimberly lasts a long time! Congratulations, Kimmy!

And a hearty "Welcome Back" to Satine is in order! Now, I have to admit, Satine is a model I never thought I'd see return, but her site is now being run by Curt Newbury, who also runs the website of legendary web model Cindy. Let's hope Satine's stay with Mr. Newbury lasts a lot longer than than Kimmy's stay did. Check out her site and see what's new!

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Diane Calls It Quits

It breaks my heart when a hard-working model decides to move on, but it seems Diane of has chosen to become the latest to drop out of the modeling game. Her admin posted the following on her message board:

She is taking a break in order to concentrate on other things, she may return / be doing updates next year.

Her site is still open and accepting memberships, but with the warning that April 28 will be her final update. Diane also has an archive site of her earlier work.

Bye bye, Diane

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Former Webe Web Model Brandy Is Back!

One of this website's awesome visitors pointed out that the model formerly known as Brandy has returned to online modeling as Maddie! Maddie's new site is now open at and looks like it's run by the same folks that bring us Jaycie, a model who appears regularly in my top 5 list. Maddie's samples look very interesting, a whole lot of fun, and the pic count for each set seems solid. There are only about 9 galleries available (as of this writing), but she updates weekly, and it looks like she's really trying to make an impact. This just goes to show... you can't keep a good model down. And in this case, I definitely welcome Maddie back to the world of modeling!

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Sherri and Marie DVD Reviews

Sorry for the delay, but I had trouble trying to figure out how to come up with some screen caps from the Sherri and Marie DVDs. I have no idea how long I'll be allowed to keep this review up, because I was very honest about what I thought of them. And, of course, I'm using pictures without permission again, so... we'll see if I get yelled at.

You can read my review here. I haven't spell checked it yet, so be nice. :P I'm not a writer... I'm just a regular fan. Also keep in mind that this is just my opinion! It might be different than yours.

I have some other reviews in the works, so just sit tight and I'll get to them as soon as I can. Other than that, I don't have any other modeling news for you guys. But if you want to e-mail me your comments or questions, I'll do my best to reply.


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What happened to Webe Web!?

Right on the heels of me (Amy) picking my latest #5 model, it seems the Webe Web group of websites has come under attack by none other than our own U.S. Government. This is a sad turn of events, as a lot of the sites are no longer responding, Babbleclub is down, and updates seem to be in limbo for the time being. As a paying member to at least one site, this frustrates me to no end, and as a Sherri fan, I'm in tears. However, I can't blame Webe Web... I blame the vultures that are trying to take them down with bogus allegations!  I hope Webe Web has some awesome lawyers that will make this all go away and let us get back to having fun again!

You can read more about this story here or here. I'll try to post more as I learn it, but... I'm as in the dark as anyone else is.

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